Banks Have Holidays?

There are holidays in remembrance of banks? Really?  Ha! I remember my bank every time I get my mortgage statement or use that bankcard.  I do not need special days for my bank!  They should give me a special day.  Oh! I know, ONE interest free day on loans per quarter. Brilliant! That would be … Continue reading Banks Have Holidays?

Pudding Tales Part II

This is not actually a Part II. It is a correction thanks to my friend at Life on A Hill.  She correctly points out that I forgot to include Yorkshire pudding in my  recent post on pudding. Indeed,  Yorkshire pudding is almost certainly to be confusing to many Americans.  We have something definitely yummy, popovers, that … Continue reading Pudding Tales Part II

Edible Laws

Since you asked. . .well, you did not. But, you should have!  This is a brief post discussing Onedia's Edible Laws. To be considered edible food must comply with the following: It must not originate from or contain any part the purpose of which is to process or eliminate toxins or waste; It must not … Continue reading Edible Laws