I Think I am A Repat!

We are here for ten months and we now know that M’s contract renewal is approved for another two+ years.  The consensus is, “We Love It Here!”  and we plan to stay a while.  Since our collective British ancestors left the southern ports in the early 17th century does this make us REpats?

Each day I see, hear, or do something that causes me to think, “I need to write about this.” but sadly I usually resort to a quick Facebook post where my friends and relatives from the USA and a few other places show their interest.  Lax I say.  So, I am here at my desk  in front of my window  listening to BBC Radio Three with my first attempt to correct that lapse.

September brought autumn and cool temps and rain.  The streets filled again in the morning after the August school holidays (yes, NOT the entire summer ) ended. September is officially the first day of Autumn and British weather kicked into a disciplined crispness.   It is time to dig out the doggy rain coats and mine.

More this week.

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