A Toast to My Ticket to Britain

Today I am writing a post to toast my sweetheart of 26 years. In 2011 he decided to combine a lifelong love of science, discovery, engineering and computing with his drinks-2578446__480dreams to have a truly satisfying vocation and career.  So he began a PhD program at the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences.  Half way through that study he was offered a research internship with the Open University  Planetary and Space Sciences research facility  He was invited to return twice more and then in late 2016 he was offered a position managing one of the laboratories.

He began his new position February, 2017 and in his off time he wrote three papers about his research which became his dissertation.  We committed seven years to this endeavor and he worked with heart, mind and soul to achieve his goal.  Last Tuesday in Fayetteville, Arkansas he defended his research and his dissertation successfully.

We both are rewarded by his efforts. He is working with colleagues he respects and admires at a job he loves continuously learning and doing interesting work.  I am living in Britain a place I have long wanted to simply visit.  He will say that the endeavor would have been more difficult without my efforts to support and encourage him.  I insist that I am happier here and now than I can express. I cannot find true happiness unless this man who is the world to me is able to pursue his dreams.

How fortunate we are when we find our perfect life partner and can share all that life offers or in some cases all that life throws in out path.  So this post is dedicated to my spouse and the spice in my life, Matthew.



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