OsylvestI am an American living in England with my scientist husband whose research brought us to Milton Keynes.  There is a story for how it all came about but that is one to tell later. When we began our journey leaving our home in middle America with our two dogs I amused myself by posting tidbits for friends and family on Facebook.  Each post of our ordinary experiences, photos, locations, observances was brief and left most of the stories unshared.  Then a kind reader encouraged me to continue sharing about England so she could get glimpses of Britain. That was the nudge I needed to share our stories, observations,  and adventures however common place.

As we say in America, “This is not my first rodeo.” I blogged at “Onedia in the Ozarks” for about five years.  Lots of topics at hand from 2007 to early this decade. I possess a strong need to be creative and thus my classification as an Artistic Dabbler.  Nothing calls to me as much as recording my thoughts with a bit of tongue in cheek and offering them to be read.

Before I escaped the daily grind I spent twenty years as a U. S. Navy Officer living from New England to Guam with Hawaii, California, Virginia, and Maryland in between.  I spent a few decades (okay it was years) working at Texas A&M University followed by several years in Portland, Oregon my favorite city in the USA. Before moving to England we lived in northwest Arkansas where my spousal spice worked for his PhDness. So, now I am here and it seems topics are once again at hand.

Although I claim Portland, Oregon as my American hometown, I grew up in southern Arkansas. I am the result of my travels and my need for continuous learning.  But the roots of my experiences are southern for all that may be.  As a very young woman seeking success in a non-traditional career I spent a couple of years minimizing my strong southern accent (but please! there is no one southern accent just as there is no one English accent).  With all the travels the accent is more an amalgam (including some British influence) than anything else. Even so, I find I am slipping back into some of the southern just for fun.

I list to port, over analyze,
get distracted, stall in high gear,
decide with logic over sentiment,
embrace asymmetry,
get the heebie jeebies,
exercise too little
and know my birth certificate lies.

I encourage !! readers to read the posts and the other pages and write back to me.  Otherwise I am simply talking to myself.