A (America) to Z (Zetland)

After just reading my friend Jane Turley's latest blog entry for the A to Z challenge I am feeling a bit like a layabout (which actually I am especially when there is a book to read or a book to find to read) so I think I will be inspired by her and do my own … Continue reading A (America) to Z (Zetland)

When is A City Not A City?

Our search for our little spot of Britain to feather as our own snug nest consistently reveals the way the past and present sit side-by-side attempting to cohabit in harmony.  This is particularly true in this unique new town that is Milton Keynes, 34 square miles populated with 230,000 people. Milton Keynes is not one … Continue reading When is A City Not A City?

The Story of the Journey

Dear C, This letter was ever hovering at the edge of my thoughts since you first asked for monthly letters.  I think I will give you a brief tour of our Journey. We left three days later and much more fatigued than we planned. We left four storage units plus things in the workshop with my … Continue reading The Story of the Journey