A Toast to My Ticket to Britain

Today I am writing a post to toast my sweetheart of 26 years. In 2011 he decided to combine a lifelong love of science, discovery, engineering and computing with his dreams to have a truly satisfying vocation and career.  So he began a PhD program at the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences.  Half … Continue reading A Toast to My Ticket to Britain

Where is the Top Sheet?

I participated in a spirited and hilarious discourse on a Facebook UK group recently.  It all started with a post that ". . . the top sheet on a bed could soon be a thing of the past. . . Top sheet... yes or no?" written as a prompt for discussion.  Okay not normally something … Continue reading Where is the Top Sheet?

I Think I am A Repat!

We are here for ten months and we now know that M's contract renewal is approved for another two+ years.  The consensus is, "We Love It Here!"  and we plan to stay a while.  Since our collective British ancestors left the southern ports in the early 17th century does this make us REpats? Each day I … Continue reading I Think I am A Repat!