Food Fables and Pudding Tales

There is so much to be written about food in the UK. Most foods are yummy and frequently calorie rich.  Others, in my opinion, defy the Edible Laws  and should not appear on any menu except those dedicated to showcasing historical culinary quirks. Some food items may be confusing to the uninitiated American and downright humorous … Continue reading Food Fables and Pudding Tales

A Toast to My Ticket to Britain

Today I am writing a post to toast my sweetheart of 26 years. In 2011 he decided to combine a lifelong love of science, discovery, engineering and computing with his dreams to have a truly satisfying vocation and career.  So he began a PhD program at the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences.  Half … Continue reading A Toast to My Ticket to Britain

Communication Breakdown

Today I experienced a genuine communication breakdown using that Common Language.  There I stood filling my bags at the mega TESCO. I was tired and thirsty and sticky and hot. The woman at the till clearly wanted to get me through because she was taking a break (I closed her gate at her request).  I … Continue reading Communication Breakdown